Our growing city needs experienced leaders who understand our unique community and history. We need policymakers who approach controversy thoughtfully and respectfully. And we need a City Council committed to doing what's best for Denton—not political agendas. You have strongly supported me in past elections, and I will be honored to earn your vote on May 6th.

– Jesse Davis

There is no place quite like Denton. No other city our size has the special combination of people and culture we enjoy. Our economy has thrived, even through tough times. Our cost of living remains lower than other DFW cities, our employment rates are strong, and every day new folks decide to call Denton home. This success is no accident—we have worked for decades to create a welcoming, prosperous place to live. That work never stops.

Four years ago, your overwhelming support put me to work on the City Council. Two years later, you sent me back in an unopposed election. Today, District 3 has new boundaries and I represent an even more diverse array of neighborhoods. But my commitment to hard work and service remain the same.

Our city is growing and changing faster than ever before. The choices we make today will ripple outward for years to come. Wise decisions, undertaken with care and foresight, will build upon everything that makes Denton special. Poor decisions, driven by impulse and mired in divisiveness, will slow us to a crawl. Effective leadership means knowing the difference and incorporating that knowledge into actions.

Serving this community on City Council is my honor, because I have always believed that we achieve the best results when we embrace our differences and craft creative solutions together. I have championed reasoned and prudent decisions that benefit all our citizens. I have weighed all sides of the issues and engaged citizens across our diverse spectrum of perspectives, priorities and personalities. This is our city, and I am your voice.

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April 24 – May 2, 2023


May 6, 2023