"Effective leadership balances all interests, maintains low taxes, manages growth efficiently and preserves the unique character of our community."

– Jesse Davis

Our city is at a pivotal moment. The choices we make today will ripple outward for years to come. Wise decisions, undertaken with care and foresight, will build upon everything that makes Denton special. Poor decisions, driven by impulse and mired in divisiveness, will slow us to a crawl. Effective leadership means knowing the difference and incorporating that knowledge into actions.

Service on City Council is an honor. I am running to champion reasoned and prudent decisions that benefit all our citizens. I pledge to weigh all sides of the issues and to engage citizens across our diverse spectrum of perspectives, priorities and personalities. This is our city, and I will be your voice.

Preserving, Sharing Our Past

As Denton grows, we must preserve our unique and historic character. No responsible decisions for our future can be made without an appreciation of our past. As a former member of the Denton County Historical Commission, I appreciate our diverse stock of historic homes and businesses, mid-century architecture, WPA projects and other vibrant treasures from our past. They hold not just intrinsic value, but also untapped revenue potential; the City of Denton has never pursued historic tourism, but that can change.

Optimize Growth

At the same time, we also must stand ready to harness the opportunities our growth brings. This means maintaining our low tax rate, diversifying our commercial tax base, and establishing a permanent economic development fund. We must “bank our growth” by proactively investing in infrastructure and capital improvements now, while resources are available.

All campaign donations are appreciated!


April 24 – May 2, 2023


May 6, 2023