Jesse has served Denton for 4 years on the City Council. He is your voice, and your champion for:

First Responders: Advocated for more firefighter, police, and dispatchers, supported 3 new fire stations and a police substation, approved better safety and communications equipment.

Safe, Quality Streets: Supported $200 million for streets, including in Southridge, Denia, and Windsor Ridge. Called for city-wide speed study, lower limits, and safer road design. Plans for growth – proactively invests in infrastructure and capital improvements now while resources are available.

Financial Responsibility: Lowered the tax rate every year, reduced rates for solid waste, and has never raised water or electric rates. Led creation of Economic Development Fund to keep homeowner taxes low and enable us to compete effectively for higher paying jobs.

Empowered Neighborhoods: Puts neighborhoods first in zoning and development decisions, proposes code changes that protect neighborhoods, and advocates for historic preservation.

Strong Community: Advocates for the environment and viable initiatives, including gray water reuse, xeriscaping, green building, permeable surfaces and electric vehicles. Builds strong non-profit partnerships to provide social services to the most people at the lowest cost. Led City Council in creation of the new Denton Community Shelter. Active volunteer with church, Boy Scouts, Rotary Club, and the arts.